If you are a bando basher or like flying over concreate this is the frame for you!

Ox FPV frames are 100% made in the USA. We machine these frames out of HDPE plastic in a range of fantastic vibrant colors. The frames are very tough and durable, and virtually indestructable. The quality of our machining is superb and accurate with extremely tight tolerances, we also machine a nice champher for that added touch of quality.

Our amazing design gives you plenty of space for all your electronic equipment and provides excellent protection for all the components.

Here is what sets us apart, you can customize your frame by adding different colored parts to build your own custom colored frame. Our frames come with stainless hardware, and also includes a set of battery rails underneath the frame, that gives you the option of a top or bottom mount battery.

We hope you enjoy the frame that is built as strong as an Ox.

The Process:

HDPE is created with a Co-extrusion process using heat and pressure which transforms co-polymer high density polyethylene pellets into sheets. We then take those sheets and CNC machine them into our drone frames and parts.


Thug Detroyer

SKU: 230-H
$29.95 Regular Price
$19.95Sale Price
Frame Color
Frame Cap Color
Camera Surround Color
    • Frame weight 130 gram
    • Frame cap weight 34 gram
    • Camera surround weight 10 gram
    • Hardware weight 18 gram
    • Battery Rails weight 13 gram
    • Design: H frame 230mm
    • Material HDPE plastic .50" 
    • Motors all 22xx
    • Props 5"
    • Battery mount: top or bottom
    • Use: freestyle & racing
    • Made In USA
    • Complete Frame
    • Top Cover
    • Camera Surround
    • Battery Rails (2)
    • Nylon Standoffs (4)
    • Battery Strap (1)

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