If you like flying over concreate or asphalt or in bando's this is the frame for you!

Ox FPV frames are made in the USA. We machine all of our frames in house from HDPE plastic, in a large range of vibrant colors. The camera is protected by a printed TPU mount that attaches to the top of the cover. The motors and ESC's are embeded into pockets that have been machine out, so that frame provides maximum protection for these components.

The electronics are encapsulated in the mchined out belly of the frame, also giving them maximum protection from impact and crashes. The belly of the frame houses the FC board as well as the video TX and the RX boards. We recomend using FC boards with built in PDB, but that is your choice.

These frames have been tried and tested by some of the best pilots in Atlanta, as well as some of the worst (crash all the time) so we are sure you will enjoy your new frame.

Mix and match the different components to create your own custom colored frame.

The camera mount is for a HS1117 style camera and a GoPro Session.


The Process:

HDPE is created with a Co-extrusion process using heat and pressure which transforms co-polymer high density polyethylene pellets into sheets. We then take those sheets and CNC machine them into our drone frames and parts.

Bando Basher

SKU: OX-BB-215
$29.95 Regular Price
$19.95Sale Price
Frame Color
Frame Cap Color
    • Frame true X design
    • Main frame weight 98 grams
    • Top cap weight 20 grams
    • Battery rails (2) 12 gram
    • Hardware weight 9 gram
    • Camera mount 6 gram
    • Design: X frame 215mm
    • Motors all 22xx
    • Props 5"
    • Camera mount: HS1117 Style
    • Material HDPE plastic .50"
    • Battery mount: bottom
    • Use: freestyle, racing, bando bashing
    • Made In USA
    • Complete Frame
    • Carbon Fiber Camera Mount
    • Top Cover
    • Battery Rails (2)
    • Battery Strap (1)

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